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Yoga for the Birds

When I’m not writing client copy, doing an abysmal job at updating this website, or looking for more copywriting gigs, I teach small group and private yoga lessons. In the fall of 2014 I was subbing for another teacher at the Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa in Malta.

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Category: About Pages, Work

A Clueless Crew Page

As important as About Us and About the Team and Meet the Crew pages are to working some warmth and welcoming into an organization’s website, the grind in getting these stories across the finish line is often not the writing, it’s getting the backstory.

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Leonard Cohen black & white photo
Category: Lost and Found

Less of Leonard Cohen

“You know who said it best? Leonard Cohen. He meditated all those years at Mt. Baldy Zen Center, often for twelve hours at a time. In an interview, he said his storyline just wore itself out.”

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Make. Believe. Copywriter.

I never believed I’d end up being a copywriter for twenty-plus years on three continents, run two and a half marathons, learn to teach yoga in India, Canada, Austria and the Czech Republic — and actually teach it in Australia (Good idea Wendy!), Canada and Malta. They all just seemed like good ideas at the time.

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2012 CoffeeWorks Bermuda London Olympics Ad
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Speedier. Easier. Tastier.

Eight Bermudians competed at the 2012 Olympics in London. CoffeeWorks wanted to cheer them on so we created this ad that appeared in the Royal Gazette using four coffee brands and one tea that were based on real people to put some “faces” to the effort.

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Shitty Jobs

Back in the days when you could have propped the gates to King’s Landing open with a single copy of Bermuda’s Yellow Pages, one of the most looked-up categories, right up there with Pizza, was Plumbing.

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