“We’ve used Andrew’s Graphic Language company for research, presentations, and national health education programs. He’s creative and offers a refreshing attention to detail.”
Michael McDonald CEO, Linkz Healthcare Marketing

“Take a look at David Salah, who is a slam dunk for my best-campaign-signs award. Salah gets the nod for creating a sign that, first you can actually read because it has lots of large print…Second, the Salah signs have bright, eye- catching colours; third, they include a good picture of the candidate.”
Marilla Stephenson, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“The Graphic Language Company revision of [..] is right on the money. The insights into what the readers are looking for are perfect.”
Susan Wilson, Web Developer

“Great job! Thanks. How are the chickens? How’s the new trimmer working?”
James Moore, Moore Automotive and Recreation

“Really, though, you do deserve all the accolades you’re getting.”
Diane Crowther, Metaline Graphics

“You’re a sweetheart.”
Ross Lloy, Talbot Marketing

“Hey man. Looks great. WOW”
Mark Goudge, Quantum Photography

“LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
John Brown, Canterbury Woodworks

“Looks great! You’re not bad for an old guy! Did I ever tell you I have a thing for bald guys?”
Gail Dominey, SeaSide Salon

“Thanks! These are the best kind of services – the no charge ones.”
Sue Keane, Duerden & Keane Environmental

“The Lung Association of Nova Scotia has used Andrew’s services on many occasions and found the work exemplary in all aspects. Our business dealings proved him to be hardworking, skilled, honest and trustworthy.”
Bill VanGorder, CFRE, President and CEO, The Lung Association of Nova Scotia

“Now that you’re married please tell your wife to not call me as much anymore.”
Glenn Cribby, Coastal Print, Floating Rock Media

“Good thing I was so well trained by you that I took to the job like a fish to water. My new bosses even asked me why I was so good with my daily performance reports, my time in, time out and other stuff. I proudly told them I learned everything when it comes to remotely working from you!”
A Jedi Knight illustrator

“Wow! Thank you much for the efforts, An-man.”
Pernille Fischer Boulter, Kisserup International Trade Roots

“You are one very cool 50-something guy.”
Garry Gilfoy, Author

“I absolutely love it that you are always so refreshingly candid. Always keep up the good fight man and if you have any moment that you doubt yourself ever again, reach out and I’ll give you a damn good verbal spanking in a motivational way. You’re tops!
Spencer Gray, tagUMBRELLA

“This is why I love you. You are totally seeing the bigger picture and still want to kick a**!!”
Stuart Richardson, Creative Director

“Thanks a lot oh Master of words!”
St├ęphane van Ackere, French Voices, Turbulence Zero, nostalgie.be