Andrew at The Graphic Language Company

Andrew Mackay in Malmö, Sweden playing with the Optimistorkestern Musicians Sculpture

I’ve been writing, designing and repairing marketing and advertising copy, About pages, SEO content and sales strategies for a bevy of brands, SMEs, NGOs and NPOs since 1998.

Say hi, get a writing quote, or get straight answers (straight does not usually equal free) to convoluted copywriting tangles or content marketing creation and strategy in an e-mail to, connect on Linkedin or Telegram me.

If you’re not averse to a story about David Ogilvy and I drinking rum (not together) here’s a post that includes his story about why he thought he was a lousy copywriter, or there’s this post titled “Clowning Around” that summarizes where I think I’ve ended up after twenty years of writing.

P.S. If all you need is the secret to life, it is, “A wet bird never flies at night.” Otherwise, tell me more about you, your organisation and what kind of copy you need written, creative you need directed, or content you need created and I’ll get back to you as quick as a bunny.