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Andrew Mackay in Malmö, Sweden playing with the Optimistorkestern Musicians Sculpture

I’ve been writing, editing and crafting marketing and advertising strategies since 1998. Here’s a partial list.

Sometimes those projects become bundles of copywriting, SEO research and recommendations, content calendars, project management and freelance talent briefing, training and supervision.

I became a vegetarian in 2011, went completely vegan in 2019 after watching Dominion and What the Health so I lean toward ethical, vegan and plant-based enterprises, fitness and wellness and organizations in the meditation, mindfulness and yoga space — especially startups and solopreneurs who need creative director talent without the corner office expense.

Say hi, book a free jam session to see if we like the same peanut butter, get a ballpark quote, or get straight answers to convoluted copywriting tangles or content marketing creation and strategy:

If you’re not averse to a story about David Ogilvy and I drinking rum (not together) here’s a post that includes his story about why he thought he was a lousy copywriter, or there’s this post titled “Clowning Around” that summarizes where I think I’ve ended up after twenty-plus years of writing.