About Gozo’s only font company

Burger Truck menu in Mġarr ix-Xini

At the time I wrote this about-page-style copy there was no official About page at fontscafe.com so it’s on the site’s home page. I’ve seen Fonts Café fonts on signs and greeting cards and posters from Australia to Morocco.

The menu items on the burger truck sign above are set in Hand Shop C30. Seems to me the guy made a mean veggie burger too! It’s in Mġarr ix-Xini in summer.

Welcome to Fonts Café, home to hand-crafted fonts and graphic elements that are as delicious together as cappuccino and croissants.

From the independent foundry that created possibly the most popular chalk font ever — Chalk Hand Lettering — Fonts Café typefaces, elements and frames pop up all over the world: from café menus, bistro boardwalk signs, wine lists to restaurant and burger bus branding.

Our vintage, varsity and advertising typefaces are loved by down-home designers AND big city agencies alike: from Bollywood to Broadway, Covent Garden to Rio and Oz; from small studios like ours to international names like ABC, Disney and Mattel.

Full-featured Fonts Café fonts, whether purchased individually or in one of our savings-packed bundles, come with world-class personal support; lifetime, no-strings-attached licensing; and our sincere thanks for your support all these years.

Grazzi, as we say here in Malta.

Ed: If I’m wrong and there is another font foundry in Gozo please let me know.

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