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Clowning Around

When my eldest son, Matt, was about three years old, my wife was working evening and night shifts as a nurse on the dementia and palliative care wards in a nursing home.

Many mornings Matt and I had hit the road — him for daycare and me to work — before she got home from an all-nighter. Continue reading

Original Zendesk lotus blossom logo
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Tatooine Customer Service

Back in the days when Zendesk’s logo featured a stylized lotus blossom and was accompanied, more often than not, by a Buddha-like character who looked disturbingly similar to Jabba the Hutt, I was the newly-anointed Group Marketing Counsel for three water- and beverage-focused companies in Bermuda.

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Leonard Cohen black & white photo
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Less of Leonard Cohen

“You know who said it best? Leonard Cohen. He meditated all those years at Mt. Baldy Zen Center, often for twelve hours at a time. In an interview, he said his storyline just wore itself out.”

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Bermuda white rooftop courtesy Acroterion at Wikimedia Commons
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Sun Water Reports

Bermuda rooftops are clad with white-painted (traditionally limestone) tiles and meant to be kept immaculately clean because they are the front line in the collection of rainwater.

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Tim Hortons Timbit® glazed donut holes
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A Timbits Epiphany

As strange as this is is going to sound, back in 1998, my wife of the day, finding me home from the office early, delirious with excitement about my soon-to-be (as in, 0900 the following morning) new career as one of the world’s greatest copywriters, Continue reading